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Blower Door and
Duct Leakage Tests

A Blower Door is piece of equipment that quantifies how much air leakage a home has and is used to identify its air leakage locations during an inspection while it is operating.  Reducing air leakage is the most common and crucial improvement in any Home Performance Improvement project on an existing home.  The 2018  PA Energy Code requires that new homes be air sealed to 3 Air changes per hour at 50 pascals as measured by a blower door.   

Solstice Home Performance includes a Blower Door test with most of its other services and encourages you to review our other offerings.  However if you would like to have a blower door test, home volume calculation, and an air leakage inspection for energy code compliance verification or energy efficiency improvement reasons we will provide that for $249.  

 Duct Leakage is a significant waste of energy.  Heating or cooling air that then leaks out of the duct work and  into attics or basements before being delivered to  rooms of the house  can be cause of comfort issues and high energy bills.    New duct work in a new home or in an Addition, Renovation, Gut Rehab or Flip is required by the 2018 PA Energy Code to be tested to ensure the ducts are significantly tight.  Ducts of existing Homes can also be tested to help ensure duct sealing measures have been completed during an energy efficiency improvement project.  Solstice Home Performance provides Duct Leakage testing services for $349.      

Schedule your Blower Door or Duct Leakage Test today.  

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