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Home Performance Improvements

Having an Energy Audit or a Home Performance Inspection is a great first step towards a well performing home.  but In most cases, improvements will need to be made to the home and Solstice Home Performance is there to facilitate that process which frequently involves at least three types of contractors.  Th improvements Solstice Home Performance recommends can be implemented on a timeframe somewhere between 10 days and 10 years depending on what suits your budget, other things going on in your life, your home's needs and rebate / tax incentives.  Projects are often divided into phases that are made over the course of years.  We will help you develop that plan and guide you through the home performance improvement process as your Project Manager.     

If you are willing to commit to the Budget Estimates in the Audit Report, we will take the next step and reach out to contractors in our network or yours or vet new contractors as needed .   We will provide the contractors with a copy of the Audit Report and a detailed scope of work for the trade that they specialize in.   We will facilitate their site visits and / or provide them with information collected during the audit that they need  to provide a fair quote for the necessary improvements.  Frequently, the scope of work development will need to be coordinated amongst at least three contractors.   After the scopes have been developed there will be another meeting to review the proposals, make any final scope changes and give the green light for work to begin.    

Solstice Home Performance will facilitate  the improvement phases too.  All of the contracts for construction work will be between the homeowner and the improvement contractors.  Solstice will coordinate the order of their work, facilitate scheduling, set expectations, ensure quality, ensure interaction of measures follows building science,  manage on site as necessary and inspect completed work.     

When any phase of work is complete we will perform Test Out which includes a blower door test, measuring the flows of new exhaust fans, training the homeowner of how to occupy their improved house and use new controls and devices. and any other steps as necessary.      

Facilitating Scope of Work development with each contractor         $250

(due regardless if scope is accepted by the homeowner if within 15% of the budget estimate provided in the energy audit report)


Managing contractors during improvement phases:  Varies per job.  

Test Out:                           $250    


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