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Solstice Home Performance is Delware County PA's Home Energy Expert.  We will helps make your homes as comfortable, healthy, affordable, all electric, durable, resilient, valuable, energy efficient and sustainable as is practical and possible.  

Solstice Home Performance is owned and operated by Scott Sidlow a BPI Certified Building Analyst and a RESNET Certified HERS Rater who has 16 years experience working for multiple Home Performance Companies that serve both Existing Homes and New Construction.    


Using well established building science techniques we will audit, inspect, test, evaluate, and navigate your path as you improve your existing, new to you, new construction or rental home or apartment to help ensure where you live is a place of enjoyment, safety, and affordability for you and your family.   

We will help you create a 10 day to 10 year plan for improving your home's Performance.   


We will then  find top contractors to complete the improvements,  develop detailed scopes of work, coordinate the work of multiple contractors and ensure the quality of the work being completed will result in the best possible home performance and energy savings.  

We proudly serve Delaware County PA and the Surrounding Areas.  

Working with Solstice Home Performance is eligible for a 30% tax credit and  will help you receive as much of the Inflation Reduction Act Rebates and Tax Credits as possible for multiple tax years and reduce your energy bills for years to come.  .  

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