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Energy Audits For Existing  Homes

An Energy Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a home to determine all the things that can be done to all of your buildings components and systems to make your home perform as well as is practical and possible.  During an approximate four hour visit, we inspect your home’s interior, exterior, basement, crawl space, insulation, attic, HVAC Systems, chimneys, exhaust fans and windows; evaluate your home’s combustion safety; evaluate moisture and indoor air quality issues and conduct a blower door test to quantify how leaky the home is and locate air leakage locations.   

The product of this service is a written plan and a meeting to discuss how you can improve your home over a time period somewhere between 10 days and 10 years.   We help you figure out the correct order and what to do and then provide you with the most up to date information on Federal, State and Utility Rebates and Tax Credits and Low Interest Loan programs to help you finance the home improvements that you already want to make.       

An Energy Audit is like visiting your Primary Care Doctor for check up.   We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the whole home and all of its systems and then provide you with a plan to and then help you work with specialists to make the Improvements.     

Solstice Home Performance performs Energy Audits for $549 on 3 bedroom homes.   30% (up to 150 dollars) is eligible for a federal tax credit.   

Every building in America needs an Energy Audit.  Book an energy audit for your home, rental property or small business today. 


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