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Home Performance Inspections during Real Estate Transactions

Solstice Home Performance specializes in working with people who are purchasing a new home and want to ensure that the home they are going to live in is comfortable, healthy, affordable, durable, resilient, valuable, energy efficient and sustainable as is practical and possible.  The beginning of your occupancy of your home is the best time to invest in Home Performance Improvements because you will  be able to enjoy the health and comfort benefits immediately and your reduced energy bills will provide you with a payback for a longer period of time.   

Are you selling a home that has been updated with Green Features like solar, high efficiency HVAC and Air Sealing and Insulation.  We will help you process what is needed so that when your home is refinanced or sold you can get the home to appraise for a higher value.   

We encourage homeowners to work with us as early in their time in the home as possible even beginning with the home inspection process prior to purchase.  Our Home Performance Inspection can be one of the home inspections performed or in lieu of a standard home inspection prior to closing.   Not only will we point out flaws in the home like a traditional home inspection, we will point out rooms that are likely to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer, estimate utility bills with an an additional Energy Model service and provide you with a 10 day to 10 year Home Performance plan that you can implement in that time frame and can begin as early as day one of your home ownership, before you even move into the home.   

We can provide you with a lists of tasks you can do yourself and a Budget Estimate for a Comprehensive Home Performance package from multiple local Contracting Companies.   We can also serve as your Home Performance General Contractor and implement Home Performance measures prior to when you move into your home or during your tenure in the home. 

Flipped Homes look nice, but how do they perform?  Home Flippers usually do a great job bringing new life to an old home.  They update the aesthetics of the home making it look fantastic but generally don’t focus on its Performance,  like comfort, health, operational affordability, duality, resilience, and energy efficiency.  You may find your beautiful newly flipped home has high energy bills, uncomfortable rooms and poor indoor air quality.  A Home Performance Inspection prior to sale can help you anticipate these issues before you make the final decision to purchase the home or we can help you solve these problems before you move in or after you have experienced them during your tenure in the home.   

A Solstice Home Performance Inspection costs $549 for a 3 bedroom house.

This service is eligible for a 30% tax credit up to $150.     

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