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Energy Services for Additions, Renovations, Gut Rehabs, and Flips

Additions, Gut Rehabs, Renovations and Flips are critical moments in the life of a home.  It is an opportunity to make the home as Energy Efficient as practical and possible and also a time where not following Building Science principles can cause major building performance problems in the future.  Contractors are often not as aware of these concepts as may be expected.   Code officials are not experts in energy and often do not enforce basic energy code requirements that would be completed if the home is built from scratch.  These include issues like air sealing details, high quality insulation installation, blower door testing, duct leakage testing, incorrect HVAC decisions etc. 

Working with Solstice Home Performance can ensure that your renovation includes all of the best home performance decisions and quality work that meet Home Performance Standards. 

Contact us now for  Home Performance Services for Additions, Gut Rehabs,  Renovations, and  Flips. 

Our services will pay for themselves in reduced future energy bills for the life of the home and are usually required by energy code.           

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