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Improve your Home's Comfort, Health, Efficiency, and Affordability with Solstice Home Performance

Serving Delaware County PA and Surrounding Areas

A House is a System

Your house is a system that is made of building components, like roofs, walls, insulation, wiring, framing, windows, pipes, heaters, air conditioners, lights, occupants etc.  All of these building components work together to keep the occupants dry, warm or cool, healthy and safe in a manner that is hopefully affordable.    Homes are built and repaired by professionals who are experts at one or more of these building components, but none of them specialize in making sure they all work together well and that the operating costs are affordable.  That is where Solstice Home Performance comes in.     

Solstice Home Performance is the expert in Delaware County and the surrounding areas in making sure that all elements of the system are working well.   We evaluate each of the various building components of your home, and determine how well they are working together and then recommend and coordinate the best improvements of those  in a logical and organized way.   We understand that when you change one building component it will affect how the whole system performs.  

You have probably heard about many types of Home Improvements that claim to be the solution to building performance problems like cold rooms or bad indoor air quality or high utility bills.  Solstice Home Performance knows the Building Science behind these home improvement solutions and will help you choose the right ones and install them in the right order so that your home performs in the best way possible.   

Here is a partial list of single measures that may or may not be good solutions for your home.  Solstice Home Performance will help you evaluate and install the right solutions for your home. The Best Performance comes from implementing the right combination of these and other measures.         

Attic Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Cellulose Insulation

Solar Panels

Heat Pumps

High Efficiency Furnace Replacements

Air Conditioners Replacements

Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Chimney Sealing

Air Sealing

Boiler Replacements

Fuel Switching

Rebates from the Federal Government and PECO

Attic Hatch Insulation Kits

Crawl Space Insulation

Basement Insulation

Band Joist Insulation

Garage Ceiling Insulation



Solstice Home Performance helps make homes as comfortable, healthy, affordable, durable, resilient, valuable, energy efficient and sustainable as is practical and possible.   Using well established building science techniques we will audit, inspect, test, evaluate, and improve your existing, new to you, or new construction home to help ensure that your home is a place of enjoyment, safety, and affordability for you and your family. 

Working with Solstice Home Performance is  eligible for up to a 30% tax credit and will further qualify you for up to an additional $14,000 in Tax Credits and Rebates from the Federal Government for making Home Energy Upgrades through the Inflation Reduction Act. 

John K.- Media PA

"Scott is such a wealth of knowledge in the building performance space and was a huge asset in guiding me through my major renovation at my home in Media. His careful analysis of the home and practical suggestions helped us to select the best options for mechanicals, insulation and overall home efficiency and performance. Scott brings a lot of experience and expertise to the table and he combines that with a friendly and responsive approach! I’d highly recommend working with Scott for your next project"

Mia P. - Aston PA

I was looking at new to me houses last fall, and I knew Scott was involved in energy audits and building performance so I asked him to help me. 
Scott initially came to a home visit with me for the house I was considering buying, and after a quick but thorough look around, he was able to supplement the information in the home inspection report, as well as point out a few things he caught that they didn’t.  His knowledge helped me feel comfortable knowing what I was getting into. 
After I bought the home, Scott came back and  measured the rooms and crawl spaces, ran a blower-door test, and measured the output from each of my heating vents.  He gave me a detailed list of items I could do to my new to me home to make it more energy efficient, both to reduce energy consumption and to save costs.  He broke the list down into the tasks I could (probably) do myself (like replacing my furnace filters regularly and adding a cover to the filter gap), to things I’d probably want a handyman-type to help with (like replacing my vent fan in the bathroom and making sure it vented outside and not into the attic), to things I’d hire a contractor for (like spray foam insulation). 
He talked through each recommendation one by one so I understood what was involved and helped me prioritize what I would do this first year, and what I’d plan on for the next couple years and what tax credits and rebates are available to help me pay for the improvements. 

With the simple changes I made so far, after living in this house not quite a year now, I estimate I’m saving $30-40/month on the water heater alone, and $15/month on heating and AC compared to before I sealed the ducts and furnace. That’s about $500/year that Scott helped me save in direct costs alone, and it will be more when I do the next items on the list.  Not to mention the help he gave with rebates and tax credits, that will add up to about $1,300 credit for the items I did so far. 

I highly recommend Scott to take a look around your house, including  your basement, crawl space, and attic, to  help  you find where air (and money) is leaking out of your house.  He has practical advice about how to make changes that will really affect the efficiency of appliances, and he understands the level of effort in making some changes by oneself, and also the rationale behind bringing in contractors for some of the big ticket items that will pay for themselves in just a couple years.

John O.- Conshohocken PA

My fiancé and I bought our first home together a couple of years ago, and although we love the house,

we were noticing some inefficiencies and did not know where to start with addressing the issues (damp

basement, more frequent insect sightings, poor air quality, cold in the winter, and hot in the summer

even with AC  and heat running constantly). I am so glad that I started by reaching out to Scott to inquire

about his services and get more information!

Scott was easy to communicate with and took the time to listen to our concerns about our home. . Scott was incredibly thorough, educational, and professional while conducting his energy audit. He allowed us to be as involved as

we wanted in the process and respected our time and home during the visit.

I learned much more than expected and truly valued Scott's educational approach to his business. Scott

explained exactly why our home was having some of the issues it was by compiling the data he collected

into a presentation, which also detailed the solutions we could consider. Scott helped us prioritize what

issues we wanted to address immediately and what issues we could address over time. This allowed us

to build a game plan tailored to our needs.

Scott did not try to scare us into jumping into action, but rather, he checked in with us throughout the presentation and made sure we felt comfortable taking on these problems in a timeframe that worked for us. Scott was also able to highlight some free programs, rebates, tax incentives, etc. that we could take advantage of to improve our home and make it more energy efficient.


Scott is not there to simply sell you an audit and leave. After going through the presentation, Scott offered to connect us with various contractors and programs to address our issues. I will continue to

recommend Scott’s service to any homeowner who is looking to make their home more comfortable to

live in and pay for!

About Solstice Home Performance

Solstice Home Performance is owned and operated by Scott Sidlow who has 16 years of experience working as an Energy Auditor on existing homes and an Energy Rater on new homes.  He is a certified Building Analyst by BPI, the Building Performance Institute and as a HERS Rater by RESNET, the Residential Energy Services Network.  During his employment with multiple Building Performance Companies over the years he has participated in ensuring that thousands of homes have been Retrofitted, certified as Energy Star and Zero Energy Ready, and comply with State Energy Codes.    

Scott supports the Delaware County community in various ways.  He was a member of the Delaware County Sustainability Commission from 2020 to 2023 where he actively participated in the creation of Delaware County’s first Sustainability Plan, serving on the Energy and Efficiencies subcommittee.  From 2020 to 2024 he served as a Council Member in Parkside Borough where he worked for good government and  led the transition to LED Street lighting and advocated for Energy Efficiency Improvements to Borough Buildings.  He is also an Assistant Scoutmaster in BSA Troops 495 and 2019 and a Sustainability Merit Badge Counselor.        

Scott is a 20-year resident of Delaware County and is proud to bring the greater DelCo community Home Performance services that will improve the quality of life for anyone living in a home.    Please contact us today to get started.    

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Serving Delaware County PA and the Surrounding Areas

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